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Dr. Singer

A Caring, Qualified Physician

Hello, I am Dr. Jeffrey Singer and I want to introduce myself and give an overview of my practice philosophy. I am 47 years old, and have been in private practice in Louisiana since 1994. I attended medical school at the University of Virginia and completed my surgical training at Duke University in North Carolina. I am on staff at Tulane University Hospital. I have been performing laser vision correction since shortly after it received FDA approval in the 1990's and have done well over 30,000 surgeries.

My goal is to provide the highest quality laser vision correction to everyone who desires it at an affordable price. I provide free screenings to determine if a person is a good candidate for surgery. The screening includes refraction to determines if a person is near sighted, farsighted or has an astigmatism, as well as corneal thickness and shape analysis to rule out which people are not good candidates. My desire is also to set reasonable expectations of what a person will obtain from surgery. Once inappropriate candidates are excluded from surgery the results of the surgery are excellent and almost all patients are very satisfied and say they would do it again when asked.

There are several aspects of my practice which I would like to highlight. I use the latest technology available anywhere including both the VISX Star S4 active trak laser with iris registration as well as the Allegretto IQ laser. Blade-less Lasik is done with the latest generation Intralase iFs laser. I perform advanced diagnostic testing on all patients prior to surgery including wavefront testing on all patients with the Customvue Wavescan system, as well as corneal topographic analysis using both the Pentacam and Atlas systems. I am also highly experienced and probably perform the highest volume of laser vision correction in the state. I say this because I think the experience of the surgeon is a key factor in getting an excellent result. With experience a surgeon is able to fine tune the results of the surgery and continuously improve. A majority of patients are referred to me by someone I have operated on, and my goal is to give each patient great vision and a reason to refer their friends and relatives as well. I recently started a facebook page for the practice, if you have time please check it out, you may know someone who has left a comment about their experience. Thank you for taking time to consider my practice.

"... You have to consider the surgeon. I found Dr. Jeffrey Singer well qualified. I checked references from patients who had the operation. All the people I contacted were happy with the results." - Raul Navarro
"Dr. Singer and his staff were very caring and helpful, and they made me feel very comfortable. He talks to you during the whole procedure telling you what he is doing." - B. Cottrell
"I recommend Dr. Singer not only because he did such a great job on my eyes but also because I felt he was truly concerned about me and I was not just a number." - Ronald Fogarty
"Dr. Singer and his staff made me comfortable in my decision ... Now I see 20/20 in both eyes and I know I chose the best doctor!!" - Marty S.
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